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20 Aug 2020

Thrilled to take part in the Omdena SaveTheChildren project (8 weeks).

6 Sep 2020

Giving a talk at Math-iine Learning study group.

17 Jul 2020

Presented our work at ICML 2020 and had interesting discussions!

8 Jul 2020

Promoted to a regular member of Masason Foundation! And today is my birthday!

23 Jun 2020

Posted a new preprint: "Coupling-based invertible neural networks are universal diffeomorphism approximators"!

19 Jun 2020

Excited to participate in MLSS 2020 (28 June - 10 July)!

19 Jun 2020

Giving a talk at a study group on causal machine learning on 22 July!

15 Jun 2020

Posted two new preprints: "Non-negative Bregman divergence minimization for deep direct density ratio estimation" and "γ-ABC: Outlier-robust approximate bayesian computation based on robust divergence estimator"!

1 Jun 2020

Our paper "Few-shot domain adaptation by causal mechanism transfer" has been accepted to ICML 2020!