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Talks 🔗 🔗

  1. Lessons Learned from Big Data Project in Bangsamoro
    July 15, 2021  Online (Zoom)  KIC Webinar Series: ICT x Social Investment in The Philippines
    video (Japanese)
  2. 因果的知識は予測モデルの役に立つか?
    July 02, 2021  Online (Zoom)  DL輪読会-外部セミナー (Invited talk)
    slides (Japanese)
  3. Coupling flow-based Invertible Neural Networks Are Diffeomorphism Approximators
    July 22, 2020  Online (Zoom)  Mathiine
  4. 構造的因果モデルの類似性に基づくドメイン適応
    March 29, 2020  Zoom (online)  Mathiine-learning
  5. Clipped Matrix Completion: A Remedy for Ceiling Effects.
    July 10, 2019  Tokyo, Japan  IRCN Math/Computation Seminar
  6. 打ち切り行列補完:天井効果への処方箋 (in Japanese)
    January 11, 2019  Kawasaki, Japan  Toshiba R&D Center
  7. Clipped matrix completion (in Japanese)
    December 15, 2018  Tokyo, Japan  Math-iine Learning

Posters (Physical/Virtual) 🔗 🔗

  1. Incorporating causal graphical prior knowledge into predictive modeling via simple data augmentation.
    July 28, 2021  Online   37th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence session (51 II-A3) video (Underline)
  2. Few-shot Domain Adaptation by Causal Mechanism Transfer
    July 17, 2020  Online   37th International Conference on Machine Learning slides
  3. Clipped matrix completion
    June 19, 2018  Tokyo, Japan   International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN) Site Visit Poster Session